Belgian pub toilet game: Don’t cross the streams

May 19th, 2008 | Posted by Real Beer

Two Belgian inventors have created a video game for men to play while using public urinals, Reuters reports.

Werner Dupont, a software developer, and Bart Geraets, an electrical engineer, got the idea while drinking Belgian trappist beers, they told Reuters Television at a local festival on Sunday.

“This thing had to be invented by Belgian people and that’s what we are,” they said.

The ‘Place to pee’ booth is designed for two users at a time and offers two games – blowing up aliens in outer space or skiing down a virtual slope. Gamers hit their target by aiming at sensors positioned on either side of the urinal.

A specially designed paper cone allows women to play too.

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5 Responses to “Belgian pub toilet game: Don’t cross the streams”

  1. Banjo Says:

    Good god! The Horror…The Horror!

  2. Chris Says:

    Is this like sword fighting?

  3. RogerK Says:

    As long as they don’t call it Urin-Ale!

  4. askance Says:

    If there’s a tie, will they have a piss-off?

  5. Johnny Says:

    If they get tangled, what lucky guy gets to untangle them….yuk!