Colorado to allow Sunday liquor sales

April 15th, 2008 | Posted by Real Beer

Beginning July 1 Colorado will end a 75-year-old blue law and allows liquor stores to open.

Gov. Bill Ritter signed a bill Monday that allows the sale of buying wine, spirits and beer stronger than 3.2% alcohol by weight (4% abv) on Sunday. Previously, grocery and convenience stores could sell 3.2% abw beer and liquor stores were kept closed.

Ritter rejected arguments from grocers and convenience stores that the law makes an unlevel playing field more lopsided. The convenience store industry has said that 80% of its 3.2 beer sales in Colorado occur on Sundays.

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3 Responses to “Colorado to allow Sunday liquor sales”

  1. Brian Says:

    Yay! Now if we can just get the same here in Mississippi. One can dream for sure….

  2. Todd Says:

    Does anyone know if breweries will be able to sell growlers on Sundays starting in July?

  3. Chazz Says:

    Yes, growlers on Sunday will be back.