Lawmaker would make ‘Bud’ official Missouri beer

March 8th, 2008 | Posted by Real Beer

A Missouri legislator wants to make Budweiser the official beer of Missouri.

“We’ve got a state dinosaur, a state frog, a state reptile, a state flower, a state nut, but no one has given a thought to a company that’s been in Missouri for many, many years and is bringing prosperity to our state and manufacturing a product in our state that many people enjoy,” Rep. Curt Dougherty said.

He argues this might be good for tourism.

In a statement released Friday, an executive for Anheuser-Busch said the legislation was “flattering” but not requested.

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3 Responses to “Lawmaker would make ‘Bud’ official Missouri beer”

  1. bob Says:

    I would have to voice some dissention here: Budweiser / Anheuser-Busch is a major brewery and has vast business concerns in other states, as well as Missouri *and* it’s not all brewing beer. My vote would be for Boulevard, which started as more of a craft brewery and has built itself into the second largest brewer in Missouri. They haven’t gotten into theme parks yet, so for them, it’s still “all about the beer”.

  2. m Says:

    When I first looked at the title I thought it said, “Lawnmower to make ‘Bud’ official Missouri beer.” Funny.

  3. av8rbrad Says:

    As much as I don’t care for their beer, it’s not a bad idea. Beer has had a bad rep for many years in America. Things like this could help make our beloved brews more acceptable like in many European countries.