How well do you want your nose to work in a pub?

December 18th, 2007 | Posted by Real Beer

How did we miss this?

From the San Francisco Chronicle’s look back at 2007:

One of the first victims of Scotland’s recent ban on smoking in pubs was 35-year-old Stewart Laidlaw. In March, Laidlaw was banned from Thirsty Kirsty’s pub in Dunfermline after numerous complaints about his “excessive flatulence.”

The gaseous Scotsman admitted he’s had the problem for years, but apparently no one in the pub noticed until cigarette smoke stopped masking the stench.

Do you think drinking beer was a factor?

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One Response to “How well do you want your nose to work in a pub?”

  1. fretlessman71 Says:

    Oh, c’mon, folks… they banned cigarettes, not MATCHES… light a few of ’em and let’s get back to drinking!