Lower beer prices? Is this possible?

October 22nd, 2007 | Posted by Real Beer

Observers predict beer prices in the UK will tumble between now and the holidays.

They predict store giants could be selling popular lagers for as little as 30p a pint.

Supermarkets reportedly have warehouses piled high with booze after the summer storms put a stop to barbecues and garden parties.

Top selling drinks such as Stella Artois and Carlsberg dropped to 35p a pint last Christmas, compared to 45p in 2004.

Before you start packing your bags for a beer buying trip you might compare the price of he dollar to the pound.

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One Response to “Lower beer prices? Is this possible?”

  1. Banjo Says:

    Lets see, Hops shortage, Malt Shortage, higher transportation costs…hmmmmm…I think somebody made too much and the demand went south. We don’t have that problem over here in NA, our demand for craft beer is increasing by double digit increments.