Smallest brewery back in business

September 13th, 2007 | Posted by Real Beer

A brewery in Wales – just five square feet – that claims to be the smallest in the world has reopened, the BBC reports.

Bragdy Gwynant brews ale for just one customer – the Tynllidiart Arms next door.

Margaret and Mark Phillips, who own the Tynllidiart Arms and the brewery, said the beer had a secret recipe.

“The previous owner of the pub moved out two years ago and up until two weeks ago the pub was closed and the brewery was too,” said Mr Phillips, who moved in just two weeks ago.

“We thought it would be nice to brew our own local beer and luckily we had a brewer living a few doors down who was able to help.”

The brewery used to be an outdoor men’s toilet.

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2 Responses to “Smallest brewery back in business”

  1. The Daily Eudemon Says:

    […] From 2004 (I missed it back then, so I’m mentioning it now): A mid Wales brewery which claims to be the smallest in the world has re-opened. Less than 5-ft square and formerly an outside toilet, Bragdy Gwynant brews ale for just one customer. Great gimmick. I’d buy a pint, but I’m not the one customer. __________ […]

  2. Lee Says:

    There is a brewery in the upper peninsula of Michigan in Calumet, MI( farther north than 2/3 of the Canadian population) that claims to be Michigan’s smallest brewer by volume – it has a capacity of 1/2 barrel per week – the output is used entirely in their coffee drink.