Shiner Bocktoberfest canceled

July 27th, 2007 | Posted by Real Beer

Travis Poling reports that the popular Shiner Bocktoberfest has been canceled after 13 years.

Gambrinus, which owns the Spoetzl brewery in Shiner, sponsored the festival – and it had turned into one of the most popular music festivals in Texas.

A letter to the Chamber from Gambrinus founder and CEO Carlos Alvarez said there will be no Bocktoberfest in 2007 because the brewery needed to focus on expanding its beer production. The event lost money for the last few years as it grew.

“It’s going to be missed, no doubt about,” said Shiner Mayor Henry Kalich of Bocktoberfest’s end. “It was a big part of our economy.”

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5 Responses to “Shiner Bocktoberfest canceled”

  1. Larry Says:

    If the Bocktoberfest was so beloved, then let it live again! The people of Shiner could rise up and get it done. Don’t let it die. Shiner, Texas, and the beer world needs festivals like this. Make it happen.

  2. Bob Skilnik Says:

    I had a Shiner Bock on tap in Chicago—first time—and without all the geeky critques, I liked it.

  3. shane Says:

    shiner bock is one of beers best kept secrets! this really sucks. of course when companies get to big and ahead of theirselves this is what happens. QUE LASTIMA!!

  4. Lou Says:

    Boo! This sucks! šŸ™

  5. lupe garcia Says:

    i enjoy the motorcylce ride out to bocktoberfest, the music, the beer and the people. i will have to find somewhere else to go this month