Wyeast debuts gluten-free yeast

May 1st, 2007 | Posted by Real Beer

Wyeast Laboratories will soon begin selling two of its most popular yeasts to homebrewers in gluten-free form. The Oregon yeast lab already offers the yeast to commercial brewing companies.

Wyeast 1272 GF American Ale II and Wyeast 2206 GF Bavarian Lager will be sold in Activator Pure Pitchable Yeast packages.
The gluten-free yeast will be offered to home brewers via Wyeast’s quarterly VSS – Very Special Strains – Promotion beginning July 1. The VSS Promotions feature strains of yeast otherwise unavailable to homebrewers. Wyeast expects these gluten free strains to be continued as permanent offerings when this introductory promotion has ended.

Jess Caudill, product and process development microbiologist at Wyeast reports that these strains have performed well in test brews at the lab, and at independent test breweries and labs. Yeast vitality and overall cell count will be comparable to Wyeast’s current popular products.

Due to an increase in celiac disease, gluten intolerance and wheat and barley allergies, gluten-free products are one of the fastest growing sectors in the food industry. While much of the attention has centered on find grains to replace barley and wheat malts – the two most commonly used in brewing – using gluten free yeast is just as important.

Until recently, commercial or homebrewers who want to brew beer free of gluten had to propagate their own yeast in a gluten-free medium.

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6 Responses to “Wyeast debuts gluten-free yeast”

  1. Jakee Says:

    yes yeast give u allergy problem specilly in wine yeast give u more allergy in most of people

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  4. Kevin Pauley Says:

    Hi I live in Canada . Looking for a Gluten free /Yeast Free beer ?? Is there one available ? I’m interested in possibly brewing my own if I have to .
    Can I buy the ingrediants from your company ?

    Let me know
    Thank You
    Kevin Pauley

  5. bill merten Says:

    Kevin Pauley :

    Did you ever find a gluten free/yeast free beer? I also need one, although I live in the states.

  6. rubberneck Says:

    There are lots of gluten free beers commercially available now, including:

    St Peter’s Sorgham Beer
    Red Bridge
    New Grist
    New Planet beers (Colorado)

    Go get em!