CAMRA campaigns against short pints

April 16th, 2007 | Posted by Real Beer

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) has released new figures showing 26.6% of pints served in UK pubs contain less than 95% beer. CAMRA is mounting its campaign for a full pint launching a national petition calling on the Prime Minister to put an end to short beer measures.

At its website, CAMRA states:

– 26.6% of pints are more than 5% short measure.
– Short measure costs consumers £481 million a year, or over £1.3 million a day.
– Pubs serve customers 208 million more pints than they buy in.

CAMRA has created an online petition to make joining the protest easy.

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One Response to “CAMRA campaigns against short pints”

  1. Andrew Cormie Says:

    I have started a petition at and CAMRA has another at

    If a pint to brim glass of 82 mm top internal diameter has 5 mm of froth between the beer surface and the top of the glass, the froth is 4.64% of the pint and if the pint costs £2.60 the froth cost is 12 pence. If the bartender sells 100 pints he has stolen £12 from his customers.

    My petition calls for pint and half pint to brim glasses to be banned, to be replaced by oversize line at the level glasses. CAMRA calls for a pint to be 100% liquid.

    Please sign up to the petitions and spread the word.

    CAMRA website

    Other relevant