The Battle

Battle of the Beers

Frequently asked questions

What's the premise?
We started 64 American beers on March 1 and will crown a champion April 4, coincidentally the same day the NCAA men's championship game is played. Readers are presented with a choice of beers. We simply ask for a vote on which one you'd rather drink. Winner advances, loser (you knew this was coming) cries in his or her beer.

Can I vote even if I haven't tried one or both of the beers?
Sure. Perhaps you've had one and it's a favorite (or, heaven forbid, you hate it). If you can answer the question "Which beer would you most like to drink?" then you can vote.

How were the beers chosen?
We started with nominations from Real Beer users, then included our own personal favorites. We included nor more than one beer from a brewery.

How were the beers paired?
We took beers vaguely alike and broke them into four groups of 16. After that it was pure chance.

What happened to the "bubble" beers?
We drink 'em.

Why aren't America's biggest sellers included?
We tried that in 2002 year and they got smoked. We don't think we should waste the bracket space.

Why only American beers?
In 2002, we did an American-only tournament and then an imports-only tournament. The American-only tournament turned out to be more fun and of more interest to our readers. Also, narrowing the field to 64 is tough enough when we limit it to American beer.

Where are the brewpub beers?
Some of the best and most innovative brewing in America is being done by pub brewers, but most of that beer is never tasted beyond the pub doors. Makes voting way too hard.

What will this tournament prove?
Our goal is not to accomplish anything scientific. We do it to have fun.

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Great places
to try these beers

Monk's Cafe
263 S. 16th St.
Philadelphia, PA

Falling Rock
1919 Blake
Denver, CO.

547 Haight St.
San Francisco, CA.

Cafe Saint-Ex
1847 14th st NW
Washington, DC