The Battle

Battle of the Beers

2002: Tavern talk

Here's what some readers had to say about competition in the Tavern Bracket:

"I hope everybody doesn't immediately discredit some of these beers just because of the huge commercial productions involved. Some of the beers in the Tavern group have long family histories, and classic European Pilsner roots. There is a time and place for every beer! Even if you can't imagine the catastrophically horrific events that would create a time and place for these beers."
- Gordon M. Horn

"I have been eagerly awaiting voting in the the Tavern. Although all the brackets have been full of excellent beers, this is the one bracket that I have personally tasted every single beer in the bracket. I'm picking Great Lakes Elliot Ness over Yuengling Lager in the finals. For those of you unfortunate enough to have never had Elliot Ness or any other Great Lakes beers; GET OUT THERE AND FIND IT!! They have great beer! As for me, I've created my own must-try list from this tournament."
- Steve Hyme

"Bye-Bye Bud Bowl and Hello Octoberfest! It's time to dethrone the 'King'!"
- Mark Rowland

"Miller better hope it gets a lot of votes from the 'less filling' crowd. All beers from Great Lakes Brewery actually taste great."
- Russ Cochran

"To all you hop heads out there. If you really ever new A.) what goes into half the micro brews you think are so great and B.) new how long they sit on brewery, warehouse and retail floor and rot, you would never drink them. No company use finer ingredients and cares more about the handling of the product to the point when it reaches the consumer then Anheuser-Busch. A fresh Bud is on average 75 days fresher then any specialty beer out there and is refrigerated all the way to the point of retail. The most important component to a good beer is freshness, and most micro are overaged. Wake up."
- Chris Sheehan

"I enjoy the grand variety of beers considered in the contest, however, I cannot vote against a beer as solid as Bud."
- Hogan

"Although I know that it probably is not long for this tournament, I cast my vote for Pabst. I lived in Milwaukee for two years, and the brewery was within walking distance of my apartment. In fact, I lived on the ninth floor, and one of the first things I saw everyone morning out my window was the Pabst brewery sign. There are worse things to wake up to."
- Ken Bugajski

"I am not trying to say that there aren't real beer aficionado's participating in this tournament, but I wonder what most of you have in the refrigerator. I'm betting against it being Yuengling Lager. It isn't fair to just vote for the more obscure beer in these match ups! Taste should count, and Pabst has it!"
- Jayson Montgomery

"Eliot Ness is the only beer in the Tavern that has any business advancing to the finals. Miller Lite certainly isn't going to stand in its way today."
- Aaron Lyon

"Puuhleeaz! The only thing in common with these two is that they are both from the Midwest. Eliot Ness has so many great nuances in it complex flavors, yet delivers it in a lighter body. Lite is a lighter body alright - water and bubbles! Now I'm thirsty - if I jump a plane this morning, could be in Cleveland in time for Happy Hour! While not a widely distributed beer, Ness is the ABSOLUTE best beer in The Tavern!"
- Tim Tomlinson

"The memories of $15 quarter kegs, and 50 cent pitchers of Yuengling in college make me not take it seriously, but then I saw it for $4.50 a pint in a D.C. restaurant over the weekend (the same price as Anchor Steam, Sam Adams, and others). So I guess Yuengling belongs in the brackets."
- Jeff Long

"All hail the Pottsville Punch, the sweet corn elixir of life! A modestly-priced session beer with some flavor."
- Brian Malia

"Eliot Ness vs. Sam Adams! This is one tough fight! In fact, it even sounds like a prizefight match-up. You can almost hear the ring announcer saying 'In this corner, weighing in at 6.2% alcohol by volume, deep red in color with a full malt flavor - from the Great Lakes Brewing Company, Cleveland, Ohio - Eliot Ness!! and his opponent, weighing in at 4.75% alcohol by volume, lightly amber with solid malt sweetness and a balancing, almost spicy, finish - from Boston, Mass - Sam Adams Boston Lager!! OK boys, I want a good, clean fight! Go to your respective corners, pour yourselves into the glasses you'll find there and may the best tasting beer win!' DING! DING!"
- Mark Rowland

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