The Battle

Battle of the Beers

2002: Other voices

Not everybody agreed with our choices of beers for the Battle of the Beers, or how they were paired. Here's what some of them had to say:

"This looks like a joke to me, how can you pair macro vs micro? You should have tried to pair similar styles againts each other. Obviously this was not done by a professional."
- Joey Smith

"Howdy. As a dedicated beer snoot I think it's 'apples & oranges' comparing Full Sail Amber and Alaskan Smoked Porter. Both are distinctly different styles and brewed in far different ways. They're not alike. How about next time you compare ambers, or compare stouts, but not compare an amber to a stout. Both, BTW, are excellent brews and fine examples of how the best beer in the western hemisphere is brewed out west."
- Brooks Burford (Portland, Ore.)

"To me the choice is obvious (between Alaskan Smoked Porter and Full Sail Amber) - Amber by a MILE! However, I'm curious how you expect to get an objective "vote" by comparing to vastly different beers? Wouldn't it make more sense (and result in more accxurate data) to compare Alaskan Amber to Full Sail Amber and Alaskan Porter to Full Sail's Imperial Porter? I think what you're getting now is just personal preference based on individual tasts, not objective comparisons."
Thanks just the same...
- Full Sail Lover!

"Three great beers were left out. You put their weaker counterparts in, but the true masters far outshine their cousins. The beers are as follows: Goose Island IPA, Anchor's Liberty Ale, and Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter. But overall I believe that Anchor Steam or Rogue Shakespeare Stout will be victorious. Anchor Steam is a better rounded brew that goes with almost everything."
- Chris Davis

"For the next tournament, I would like to see the voting criteria changed from "Which beer would you rather drink?" to something more like 'Which beer is better?' I think that the current question favors a lighter ale/lager. The comparison should be the quality of beer, not necessarily the drinkability. But, maybe I'm just sore over Black Butte Porter's first round loss. It was an unfortunate matching."
- Steve (in Oregon)

"Who nominated the participants? They must have just finished a couple of Sam Adams Milleniums... Regardless, this isn't complete with an entry or two from Magic Hat!"
- Gary Dentremeont

(On the Sierra Nevada-Hop Ottin' pairing)
"Totally unfair comparison! It's like asking a bunch of teenage girls if they like Ricky Martin better than Elvis. If they haven't had the chance to live it, they can't possibly be expected to appreciate it for what it is - the best IPA ever made! Sierra's massive distribution advantage will undermine your goal. Sierra is the Kurt Warner who lost the Super Bowl, Hop Ottin is the Kurt Warner who won it."
- Joe Whitney

"Who seeded this tournament anyway?"
- Ralph Bellamy

"Why Porter against Pilsner? We're not judging the beers, we're indicating our style preferences. I'd rather see Sierra Nevada Pale Ale against Full Sail Pale Ale or Full Sail Amber against Red Hook ESB."
- Mike McDole

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