The Battle

Battle of the Beers

You said it: Reader comments

After the last vote had been cast in our first Battle of the Beers, we got this note from Rich Milliron: "This has been a blast, thanks!"

We're inclined to say thanks to all of those who voted and all who sent along comments. Reading them made this a lot more fun for us. So grab a beer and browse a while.

Tournament predictions
Most of these arrived before the voting began, but are are still welcome to add yours.

About the very first pairing: Alaskan Smoked Porter vs. Coors Light
It really was luck (we aren't that smart) that the tournament began with that pairing, but is certainly sparked plenty of comment.

More from The Saloon
Since that's where the voting started, there was plenty of day-to-day input on individual matchups.

Rumbling in The Pub
A consensus developed that this was the toughest bracket. Many readers made strong arguments for beers that didn't advance.

Cafe chatter
The first round matchups in this bracket seemed particularly challenging.

Tavern talk
"All hail the Pottsville Punch, the sweet corn elixir of life!"

And then there were four
"I think I will take the advice of a fellow hop-head and buy all four and drink it out with some friends."

Other voices
We know many of you have thought at least once, "If I ran this tournament ..." Some have even taken the time to write us with suggestions.

Waxing romantic on beer and other general thoughts
Let's be honest: These are the ones we didn't know where to put, but we liked enough to pass along anyway.

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Great places
to try these beers

Monk's Cafe
263 S. 16th St.
Philadelphia, PA

Falling Rock
1919 Blake
Denver, CO.

547 Haight St.
San Francisco, CA.

Cafe Saint-Ex
1847 14th st NW
Washington, DC