The Battle

Battle of the Beers

Words from the 2002 champions

Alaskan Smoked Porter rolled past several much larger breweries in winning the first Battle of the Beers, with Rogue Shakespeare Stout giving Smoked Porter its only scare. Alaskan fans offered many glowing testimonials during the tournament. To wrap it up, we collected comments from the Alaskans responsible for the beer.

"It was great fun watching all the competitions. It became clear early on that people knew their beers and to fare so well makes me very proud. It's really awesome!"
- Theo Graber, Brewer/Bookkeeper

"There were so many really great beers in the competition that I found a lot of the choices tough but it was great fun. I loved logging on each day to vote and ponder the pairings. Just to get into the finals was really stiff competition, so we are thrilled!"
- Tony Hand, Distribution Coordinator

"Even though our Alaskan Smoked Porter isn't distributed very widely, many people are familiar with it and it seems to inspire great passion. We received lots of emails and support from our consumers. The stories of how far people have gone to obtain some or stories of their first taste of Smoked Porter were really great. We posted them for all the crew and they loved it! We've said all along that our Alaskan fans ROCK!"
- Kristi Monroe, PR Director/Webmaster

"The competition was really stiff and there were a lot of really good beers to choose from so the support we received was really appreciated. We have a lot of respect for our competitors, many of them have been around as long or longer than we have and they brew some great beers. With that many good beers on the market, it says something about the type of beer drinkers we have become in this country. The array of quality beers available is fabulous. There is something for every occasion, mood, meal or event. We are all living the good life with great beer!"
- Dayton Canaday, Plant Manager

"We had some great competition. It was apparent from the comments that the voters knew their beers. I think it is a real statement that people believe in us. For me, it solidified part of our mission statement and that is to product internationally recognized quality malt beverages."
- Linda Thomas, General Manager

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