The Battle

Battle of the Beers

2002: The day Coors got Smoked

The opening day matchup, which was made quite by accident to be honest, of Alaskan Smoked Porter and Coors Light certainly grabbed the attention of tournament watchers both before and after the fact. Some of the comments:

"Nice to see a heavyweight like Alaskan Smoked Porter getting a bye in the first round. There's some pretty tough matches in Round 1, especially in the top-heavy Saloon bracket!"
- Steve Taylor

"You have be over 40 to enjoy Coors light! Way to Go, Alaska! More Porter for everyone!"
- Daniel LeSieur

"Maybe I'm too much of a beer snob, but it seems to me the Coors Light is a bit out of place. 'One of these things is not like the others....' "
- Jen Rasi

"If Alaskan doesnt get to the finals I think some people don't have a taste for good beer!"
- Sam Heimdahl

"Am I the ONLY female participant here? Well, we do have good taste, whether it's clothes, decorating, or beer! Thus, I gladly cast my vote for ANYTHING else but Coors Light. Is this a joke?!?! Does Coors Light even meet the standards to qualify for this contest? At least it reminds me of being younger, like when I was in college and couldn't afford anything but Coors Light. I'm so glad I have matured since then, and that my taste buds have, too!"
- Meghan Olsen

"I feel sorry for Coors Light for its first round draw. Too many good beers to predict. It will be interesting to see how distribution effects the results."
- Jeff Squire

How could anyone possibly "feel sorry" for something as weak, insipid and totally devoid of character as Coors Light?
- Dee Maxwell

"I'll vote for our State's best beer....any type of beer made in Alaksa by Alaskan brewery...I have only had one taste for thier Porter....mainly due to it's once a year brew and well, it sells out FAST!! Go ALASKAN....figured you'd have thier winter ale, summer ale, amber, stout, ESB and pales in this one....all would have beat the Coors....come on who drinks Coors if they are looking for a 'real' beer!"
- Roger Brushaber II

"Coors Light?! Looks like you guys might have had one or two too many when you included that one in such otherwise elegant company."
- Kent Lufkin

"AK Smoked Porter or Coors Light? ... hmm...tap, tap...think, think...scowl, puzzle, furrow...Too close to call. Since the winner of this round will sweep all before it in a relentless victory march...ALASKAN SMOKED PORTER!!! (unavailable here in Colorado)"
- John Teague

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